Our vision is to be a church in the east end overflowing with the type of disciples that regularly plant the type of churches that make a lasting impact for Jesus on our neighbourhood, city, province!

Simply put: more disciples, more local churches, more of Christ!

God reaches out to the world through his church. So the way to change the world is to start more churches! That’s why our aim is not just to draw a crowd, but to grow disciples who are trained and equipped to create new churches in the areas of our city, country and world that need them most.

Our mission is to invite and guide every household in the east end of Toronto to make Jesus their highest commitment. 


  1. The Power of the Gospel: We believe the gospel changes everything! The good news of Jesus is not only the way in to the Christian faith but also the way forward in the Christian faith.

  2. The Foundation of God’s Word: We believe the Bible is the foundation for all our life with Christ in this world and we long to see all of our life used all for Christ.

  3. The Significance of the Church: The church has had a rocky history, but we believe the church is the body of Christ on earth and the means God has decided to use to rescue his creation. The greatest need in our day is for the church to be the place on earth where Christ’s presence is experienced.

  4. The Centrality of Mission: We believe that God did not make missions as one activity for his church, rather God made a church for the purpose of accomplishing his mission of rescuing his creation. Following Jesus means following him in mission to restore the creation and all of life from the ravages of sin!

  5. The Priority of Place: We believe God has welcomed us into his presence and kingdom. We also believe God has placed us in our neighbourhood and commanded us to love our literal neighbours. We are now called to love our neighbours, not simply so we can convert them, but we love our neighbours because we are converted!