CC Kids Vision

We believe children matter a great deal to God, and we don’t regard them as a burden! While parents are always welcome to keep their kids with them in the worship service, we also offer a safe and loving age-appropriate children’s ministry program for kids up to grade 5.

At Christ Church Toronto, our goal is that your children are safe, have fun, and grow in their relationship with Jesus. Our vision is to be a church in which every child knows they can belong in the church even before they might themselves believe.

Our trained volunteers are committed to instructing children and caring for their needs through age-appropriate Bible stories and crafts, music, games, and memory work. You are always welcome to sit in on Sunday lessons. 

CC Kids Values

PARTNER WITH FAMILIES: We partner with families to disciple children as we learn and grow in community. 

GOSPEL-CENTRED: Our teaching is centred on God’s word, and as we look at God’s word we always emphasize how God is the hero of every story and it is His love that motivates us.  

TARGET THE HEART: Godly teaching focuses on cultivating the heart to grow in love for God and trust His promises above all else, rather than just seeking to change external behaviour.

BELONGING: We long to be in a church that does not see kids as future adults in need of childcare at this season of their life. Rather, we want to be a church in which kids know they belong even before they might believe.

RELEVANT TEACHING: We strive to teach children in a way that is appropriate for a child’s physical, social, cognitive, and spiritual development.

SAFETY: Your child’s safety is important to us. Every volunteer is screened through a background check and undergoes volunteer training to adhere to our safety policies and procedures. We strive to maintain a safe adult to child ratio and to require secure check-ins.

What to expect?

  • On Sundays, the first thing you will do is check your kids at the Children’s Welcome Desk before the service. You’ll receive a security tag which you will need in order to pick up your child.

  • Children ages 6-23 months will be in the nursery with our friendly nursery staff. And children ages 2-3 years old will be in the preschool classroom. So that you can take part in the worship service, our staff will contact you only if your child needs your attention, or a new diaper.

  • Children ages 4-10, will stay with you for the first half of the service and join the congregation in singing. The children will be dismissed to a Sunday School Program where your children will sing, hear Bible stories and make crafts that will prepare them to join us in worship more fully as they grow up.

  • If your child has any special needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we will do our very best to be hospitable!

For the safety of your kids, all our staff and volunteers have undergone a stringent vulnerable sector police check/screening, and have completed a child protection training processes provided by Plan to Protect.

More questions? 

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