One of the most important ways to get involved in the life of our congregation is to join one of the smaller communities within our congregation. It is in these communities where the good news of Jesus Christ is experienced regularly and friendships are cultivated.

There are three primary ways we gather in community:

  Neighbourhood Groups || Cadres || Christ Community Studies


Interested in connecting with the community at Christ Church Toronto?

Consider connecting with a neighbourhood group!

What's a neighbourhood group?

Moving from being a visitor at a church to feeling meaningfully connected to a church is a daunting task. Many people find the idea of a traditional small group intimidating and a big commitment, especially if you have kids. We have decided to set up medium-sized groups around the city that we are calling Neighbourhood Groups.

What is the goal of a neighbourhood group?

The goal of the neighbourhood group is to connect Christ Church Toronto attendees to one another and to the needs of their neighbourhood through regular communication and gatherings.

What does it mean to join a neighbourhood group?

To join a neighbourhood is to essentially sign up to be on a mailing list! There is no major commitment. However, by signing up for a group you will be invited to gatherings and regularly hear of opportunities to connect with and serve your neighbourhood.

We currently have three neighbourhood groups: West of Woodbine, East of Woodbine, and Scarborough.

You can also sign up for one of our neighbourhood groups here.

Send us an email should you have any questions or requests.


What are cadres?

This fall we are excited and optimistic about starting “Cadres” within our Neighbourhood Groups! What’s a cadre? A cadre is a group of 3-5 men or women from your Neighbourhood group that meet together at least every other week with the purpose of seeing and experiencing Jesus with one another.

Why do we need cadres?

Though most of us are surrounded by people all day long, almost all of us hunger for a deeper community. This is no surprise according to the Bible. We were made for uninterrupted community with God and with our fellow creatures, but sin has brought discord and strain into all our relationships. Sin also makes us a mess internally. We struggle to understand who we are and why we are here. 

The Good News of the Gospel is that this discord and strain can be undone as we find our identity and purpose in Jesus! This looks like following his teaching, acknowledging when we haven’t and turning back to his ways. This looks like growing comfortable in acknowledging that our lives are being transformed with others. This is part of what God is doing for our world in Jesus today.  

The closer we grow to Jesus, the more we should crave real community with both God and his people. We were never made to be alone, and God has created this world in such a way that His transforming grace flows through the means of things like relationships united around Jesus.  

Grace runs deep when: 

  • we acknowledge our fears, anxieties and concerns with others

  • we acknowledge our sins and failures to one another

  • we celebrate together

  • we help each other remember what God has said about them

  • we speak truth to one another when we are confused

  • we pray for one another

These types of relationships are what we want to cultivate in our cadres. 

What do cadres do?

Cadres will gather at least once every other week. They will follow a pattern in their gathering to encourage mutual growth: 

1. Tell your story 

We will begin by asking questions like: How are you feeling today? What has led to these feelings? Do you feel present now or distracted? What’s been a challenge lately? How have you been processing this challenge? What’s one thing God is doing in or through you that we can celebrate?

2. Listen to God’s Story 

We will read Mark’s gospel aloud together this fall and think together as to what God wants us to know and be in light of His Word to us. 

3. Listen to the Stories Around You 

We will end with questions like: How are you challenged to love God with your whole heart? How are you challenged to love your neighbour as yourself? What next steps / action items do you need to take this week to follow Christ more faithfully?

4. Pray God’s Story into Our Story

We will end our time with praying for one another, specifically that God’s kingdom might be seen and experienced in our lives on earth as it is in heaven. 

Interested in signing up? Please fill out this form.

Have more questions or want more information? Send us an email


Christ Community Studies are smaller groups that meet in various locations around the east end. The vision for our Christ Communities is to provide an environment in which we can study the way of Jesus with others. Because of the unique stages of life many of us find ourselves in, the groups are tailored to specific stages of life. We often offer groups for new moms, those exploring Christianity, families, and everything in between.

If you are interested in seeing our current groups or signing up for a particular group please visit our Studies Sign Up Page.

New groups are starting regularly. Contact should you have any questions or requests.